Pharmatel Program Brief

Pharmatel Program Brief

Welcome To Pharmatel

Pharmatel is the first online web / mobile learning application tailored to enhance the knowledge and skills for hospital & community pharmacists in an easy learning technique through a friendly designed application which facilitates a full understanding for the embedded medical content by the program participants.

Pharmatel as an electronic learning solution that facilitates the interaction of the participants with the learning modules through a specified time frame to cover the learning activities.
Participant’s self-assessment activities are obligatory to cover within the active learning topic to assure the full understanding for the covered parts, also a final assessment should be solved by the participant to secure a full differentiation for the knowledge accumulation level between Pharmatel users.
Each participant will have a separate profile on the Pharmatel application to be closely adhered to his/her progress through the active topics, also to follow the statistical time frames which should be covered and the scores in the self & final assessments. Follow up electronic notifications will be sent to the delayed participants as a reminder to cover the missing topics and to assure the participants seriousness.
Pharmatel instructors are the major professional expertise in content knowledge area

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