Patient Counselling

Patient Counselling

Topic Summary

The course is designed for pharmacists who would like to enhance their capacity and background of patient counseling, tools and techniques in providing counseling for patients, barrier that may oppose the proper counseling.  Topics cover the concepts of pharmaceutical care and patient counseling, Patient counseling practice. The course covers the key components of patient counseling, elements of counseling, patient counseling techniques, integrated skills for good counsellor, ethical consideration for patient counseling. Moreover, Trainees should get familiar with different methods for measurement of patient adherence with therapeutic regimen, problem solving techniques and dealing with challenges that may oppose the proper performance of patient counseling

learning Objective

Upon completing each module attendees should learn the concepts of Pharmaceutical Care & patient counselling including

  • Objective of patient counselling
  • Patient counselling techniques
  • Patient counselling process
  • Rapport building skills
  • Patient counselling step wise
  • Quality of an effective counsellor

Counselling practice

  • Ethical issues in counselling practice
  • Professional code of ethics of pharmacy practice
  • Professional obligations of counselling practice
  • Conduct basic counselling with a problem-solving model
  • Health Care System Dimension

Topic Modules


Patient Counselling Practice (PCP)

Patient Counselling Practice (PCP) Part 2

Patient Counselling Process

Content of Patient Education & Counselling

Patient Counselling Practice (PCP) Part 3

Patient Counselling Practice (PCP) Part 4

Conduct basic counselling with a problem-solving model

Patient Counselling Practice (PCP) Part 5

Medication event monitoring systems (MEMS)

Dear participant, Kindly Hear the case and answer the questions

Dear Participant Kindly, Hear the case and answer the questions

Dear participant, kindly Hear the following cases and answer the questions

Topic Instructors